• Automobile Air Conditioning repair and service – Basic service includes    recharging, dye/electronic leak checks to component replacement as needed for proper air conditioning operation.
• Alignment/Front End/Suspension – Full inspection of the front end of all components is always performed prior to any automobile alignment.
• Brakes – We service and repair all areas in automobile braking systems from brake pads and brake shoe replacement to diagnosing electrical faults in the abs system and performing the necessary repair.
• Cooling System Service and Repair – Coolant flushes, water pumps, thermostats, coolant hoses, heater valves, heater cores, freeze plugs are some of the areas we service and repair on automobile cooling systems.
• Drivability – Poor engine operation and having a check engine light on are all diagnosed quickly and efficiently using the proper electronic testing equipment and methods.
• Electrical Repair – Diagnosis of the automobile electrical systems in vehicle include lighting, power windows, power door locks, starters, alternators, dead batteries due to draws, etc are all within our areas of our expertise.
• Lube and Oil Service/30-60-90k mile Services – We perform in depth maintenance services on your automobile. All areas are inspected for any potential and impending faults. Caught early, minor repairs avoid big future repair bills.
• Transmission/Rear End Service and Repair – We service transmissions and rear ends for proper maintenance and longevity. Complete rebuilding of most automobile rear ends is performed due to bearing failure or gear damage.
• Extended Warranties – We perform automobile extended warranty repair on most repair plans. Again we scrutinize the complete vehicle for any possible auto repairs needed.

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